sexta-feira, março 17, 2006


An english post

All in all, I am loving my experience in Finland :-) These days I have been speaking and writing in English so much that even when i am thinking or dreaming (yes! dreaming) I do it in English! Let’s see if in the end of my stay here in Oulu I will be able at least to speak a little bit in Finnish. I am having Finnish classes so I hope i can manage to learn something.

My introduction to the Suomi language happened first in 2003, when I decided I was going to learn this language. I found a place in Lisbon to do it (Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas) and went there to have some lessons. At that time I didn't realize that someday I was going to live in Finland. Actually, I was expecting not to live in the Nordic countries again, especially in the winter! But destiny has these strange things and in the night I heard "O Tiago vai para Oulu, na Filândia!" although I did not like it so much I thought "This must mean something because I had the Finnish classes before and now I end up in Finland... Strange...".

- Hei. Mita Kuluu?
- Hyvaa, kiitos. Enta sinulle?
- Kiitos, hyvaa.
- Mika sinun nimi on?
- Mina ollen Tiago
- Mika sinun maalainen on?
- Olen Portugalilainen
- Puhutko soumea?
- Ei, puhut portugali, englanti ja vahan espanja ja ranska.
- Moi
- Moi moi

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