terça-feira, agosto 29, 2006



Here are 4 pictures of last sunday when I went sailing in the Avenir. A great Sunday spent in a good and realxing mood with Sirkka and her husband Pekka. We left Oulu and we sailed to Kiviniemi, a small town nearby. In the way, i learned the correct positions of the sails and also to do some special knots with ropes.

After a good lunch on board we sailed back to Oulu and had a Nap in the deck. I was so relaxing just to hear the water sound in the boat that, after lunch, I did not resist to take a good nap.

Thank You Sirkka and Pekka for this last sunday. It was a great day and I had a wonderfull time.

É bem!! E parece, pelas fotos, que estava um belo dia para navegar...
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